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Tales From the Riverbank

Morris and other Madness

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Judith Proctor
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I have one husband, two children and a handful of nephews and neices.

I have the most beautiful granddaughter in the world and am really concerned about what climate change means for her future.

In spite of my family regularly forgetting my birthday, I love them dearly and have decided, after some consideration, not to trade them in for a dog.

I seem to have got involved in running folk festivals instead of fan conventions...

I'm a keen conservationist and am seriously worried about what we are doing to our planet.

In March 2007 I started an allotment. Let's see how I fare in my efforts to reduce food miles and get tastier food.

I'm a morris dancer, and I've a strong interest in the different forms of English traditional dance and their history.

I've recently started a longsword dance group.

If you want my address and you're on my friends' list, look at the 'contact me' entry in my memories.

Virtual Gifts - If anyone is ever tempted to donate me a virtual gift, please note that you will give me far more pleasure if you donate the cash to the Marine Conservation Society instead (and tell you've done it, so that you can collect your hug).

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