Judith Proctor (watervole) wrote,
Judith Proctor

3/1 twill tablet weaving

 I've recently moved on from the basic and double-faced tablet weaving patterns that I've been doing for the last few years, along with inkle woven patterns, to the fiendishly difficult 3/1 twill tablet woven patterns.

I've finally got to the point where I can weave them with a reasonably degree of accuracy..

That took many weeks of swearing, undoing (where possible) starting all over again,etc.  But I've now got the technique and my ability to read the patterns and check each row as I do it at a reasonable speed.  ie. Slow, but not nearly as slow as when I started!

In this kind of weaving, you're effectively setting every thread individually on every line.

But, the results do look very nice.  

If you look at this video, you can get a rough idea of what is possible.


I've only tried weaving images 15 pixels across so far, some use 30 cards or more, but I'd really love an excuse to weave some of the larger and even more complex images.

The catch is finding someone who needs such a thing!

One of the best known historical items is the stole of St Donat

I suspect this replica took an awful lot of work!

Hence, do you know anyone who has a use for a really complex and wide woven band?

Narrow bands - less than 20 cards if the warp is fine, or less than that if the warp is thicker make good belts and straps as they are very strong.  narrow bands can also be used to decorate clothing on the end of sleeves, or on hems, or round necklines, etc.

My test twill band will become another hairband for Oswin.

But wide bands with patterns that don't repeat are essentially decorative items, unless you're creating something to be worn for ceremonial purposes.

So, does anyone need a stole or similar for such a purpose?  (Normally, I give away everything I weave, but for something this complex and time-consuming I would actually want some payment)

(If you want a simple belt woven, just ask!)





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