Judith Proctor (watervole) wrote,
Judith Proctor

Blake's 7 musical - volunteers needed

I'm posting this for Kieron.  Could people please post in other apropriate places.

Fan director and performers wanted for a brand-new, one-hour, not-for-profit spoof Blakes 7 musical with original songs, to be performed at the Terry Nation Celebration in Ipswich on 19 April 2008:
'Blakes 7: The Space Opera' takes outrageous liberties with the first two seasons of the show, and features songs such as 'Kiss Me You Beautiful Tyrant' and 'From Zero to Nero'. The writers would act as producers, but need enthusiastic actors with good voices - perhaps filkers - and also an experienced director who will make the rehearsals and performance happen. Please contact Kieron at blakes7thespaceopera@googlemail.com

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