September 10th, 2021


Back dancing

 First post-Covid morris practice.  Been a year and a half since the last time we were together.


New hall, several of the team still avoiding meeting people indoors, so a lot different.


But we had a blast!


It's good to remember why I do morris - and here's the answer - Dancing makes you feel alive.  Playing music with other people makes you feel alive.

Dancing as a team to music played by your friends? Beyond price.

Charging down the hall with my friend Paul, both of us doing giant step hops - I felt myself again.


(Most of the team still have major fitness issues to recover from, but Paul and I were in pretty good shape)


This is the first time I've held out for a proper ten minute warm up - and it certainly paid off for me at least. And a proper cool-down.  No aches or pains today, and I was moving really freely yesterday in spite of a lingering problem with my Achilles tendon/calf muscle.

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