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Oswin and Daffodils

 Children have wonderful imaginations - unfettered by knowledge of what is possible.

Oswin (my granddaughter) will be three in April.  As yesterday had real sunshine, we spend quite a bit of time in the garden.  She's fallen in love with daffodils, especially the big yellow 'King Alfred' ones in my back lawn.   She interacts with her favourite flower as though it's a person.  She talks to it, turns its head so it can see what is happening elsewhere and keeps popping back into the garden to see it again.

After the stalk got bent through too much tlc, we snipped it with a pair of scissors and put it in a vase "so it could have a drink".  The vase was placed on the kitchen table next to some cress she is growing, so they could keep each other company.

Later in the day, she was pretending to be a daffodil.  As far as I could tell, the daffodil did exactly what little girls do, but who am I to argue!

Oswin takes a real delight in life -when we go for walks, we often run and jump on all the water meters, manhole covers, etc, in the pavement.  She's very good. I can trust her not to go onto the road without waiting for me to say it's safe.  We've drilled her very carefully in that one.

BTW, if anyone wants book recommendation for small children, her current favourite is the delightful 'Owl Babies', which combines realism with a lovely little story and a touch of humour.  

By realism, I mean that the illustrations actually look like owls and the owls do things that real owls do. This entry was originally posted on Dreamwidth where it has comment count unavailable comments.



Mar. 16th, 2017 09:55 pm (UTC)
Our girls are mistress of fantasy! Yes, I really loved reading about Oswing and daffodils! I can imagine a little girl crouching in front of that lovely flower, talking to it.
I am not sure if Anička talks to flowers but I do know she talks a lot! and she coverses with their big dogs - very seriously, explaining them various things. The best thing is that they listen to her like they can understand - it is hilarious!
So Oswing will be three very soon - oh, the time, how fast it goes!
Have lots of fun, my co-granny!!!


Judith Proctor


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