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 I've been  playing around with Duolingo  this week to refresh my O-level German.

I'm quite enjoying it, and it is a good way of learning, but I take serious exception to its claim that I'm now 11% fluent in German.   

I've only covered 54 words with it and the coverage of plurals and cases only relates to a small subset of those words.

Have other people used it much?

Does it actually take you to a level where you get genuine language skills, or is it really just a game that teaches you a good set of stock phrases (which are admittedly useful). This entry was originally posted on Dreamwidth where it has comment count unavailable comments.



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Jan. 5th, 2017 02:59 pm (UTC)
I've not used it before, but seeing you talk about it made me sign up. I have an A level in German, but am woefully out of practice, so this might help me bring it back.
Jan. 5th, 2017 04:13 pm (UTC)
IF you're on Facebook, I think you can'friend' me on Duolingo. Gives one a slight added incentive when friends are also learning.

I think it may actually be better for revision than for learning new stuff. Certainly it's really bringing stuff back to memory and I'm learning some new words as well.
Jan. 5th, 2017 08:43 pm (UTC)
I do have a link and I explored the possibilities but I haven´t signed up yet. I would like to refresh my Russian - it is really a pity I lost it. And my German - frankly, it is so bad that there is nothing left to refresh but to learn again. Well, the only problem is to start...
Jan. 6th, 2017 12:35 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty much starting all over again with German, though it's coming back to me as I work.

It certainly is a much easier way to learn than in a classroom. Instant feedback means you can cover material much faster.

I think my only possible use for German is reading the rules for games in their original language, but I quite enjoy doing that, so it's justification enough.
Jan. 6th, 2017 02:29 pm (UTC)
Well, I myself have a reason to feel ashamed because the Germans and Austrians are our neighbours, we share a lot with them and there are many many tourists here. I do understand some basic German, I started learning it at school before English, but I am unable to speak. I know I would be able to use the words but not the grammar. After all, most of the younger generation both in Germany and Austria speak English very well...
Jan. 6th, 2017 06:13 pm (UTC)
Ugh. Four cases in German.

der die das
den die das
des der den

etc. Or something like that And I've missed one row out.

Luckily, Duolingo isn't too grammar heavy. It introduces it through sentences rather than in heavy detail. And in small chunks.
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